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Welcome to our “Light in the Darkness” project. All across our great nation, law enforcement officials put their lives on the line to serve their communities. They selflessly give of themselves in order to keep you safe. What most don’t realize is that this type of environment takes its toll.

In 2016, an officer took their own life every 81 hours.

Officers are in a dark and fierce battle every day.  We want to talk about the problems you won’t see in the media or at a police recruitment event.

Divorce, suicide, alcoholism, RX drug addiction, gambling, depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger, etc.

These are real issues facing those who put themselves in harms way to keep you safe.  Shield of Hope Ministries is partnering with other organizations all over the country to share stories of how Christ has brought officers out of this darkness and into His light.  I myself struggled with addiction and never realized it until it almost cost me my marriage.  Officers are great at helping others with any sort of problem, but can’t seem to help themselves.  They are the least likely group of people to reach out for help, so we are reaching out to them.

If you know an officer who is struggling, don’t wait to step in and save their life.  They would do it for you.

If you would like to share your story, please contact us at